About Us

We are Toro, a genuinely Brazilian company, with more than 63 years of experience in the manufacture of finishing panels and thermoacoustic insulators for the automotive industry (passenger vehicles, busses, and trucks), white line, among others. Installed in the city of Diadema / SP, strategically located to facilitate customer and partners logistical operations.

Customer Focus and Excellence Continuous Pursuit

Through modern facilities and laboratories, we transform special materials into thermoacoustic comfort and convenience to our customers. Guidelines like environmentally friendly practices, quality, technology, innovation, and social responsibility are the foundations that ensure our customers satisfaction and the success of our products.

Our History

Acting in the Brazilian and international markets since 1959, TORO has experienced the global industrial evolution for decades and with this experience, it has won recognition and several certifications that today attest to our commitment to quality, environment, and our role in the society in contributing to Brazilian technology and industry growth with value-added products as well

Sistema de gestão e economia de água
Sistema de gestão e economia de água
Sistema de gestão e economia de água
Sistema de gestão e economia de água

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission, vision and values ​​reflect who we are and what we do...

Aumento de Lucro através da economia de água
To be a company recognized for its level of quality, punctuality and competitiveness.
Eficiência produtiva através da diminuição do consumo de água
To be a Company with a global vision, constantly and ethically seeking new technologies for continuous improvement in our core business..
Água e Sustentabilidade
Respect and responsibility towards employees, suppliers and customers, and proximity to the community in which we operate, respecting and applying protective norms in relation to the environment.


Toro Indústria e Comércio
Toro Indústria e Comércio

Our Collaborators

Toro excellence standards in quality are the result of the competence and passion of our employees. Our human capital is one of the important parts of our business and is also a key resource for customer satisfaction and longevity of our company. For this reason, Toro does not save any effort in our talents development, in promoting a motivating environment, aimed at a high-performance culture, in the application of the most modern management techniques.

Toro Indústria e Comércio


Our engineering and technical teams are focused on innovation, aiming on exceeding customers' expectations through added-value products, and weight and cost reduction as well. Toro has its own laboratories, with trained technicians and diversified equipment, allowing the execution of tests of the most commonly customers specifications, as well as raw material and product quality analysis.

Economia de Água para Empresas sem Equipamentos
Economia de Água para Empresas Gratuito
Economia de Água para Empresas sem Equipamentos